Anthonio Rubio Dog Couture at LAFW

Rubio stuns at LAFW with his latest Women’s & Canine couture collection. This year, women’s dresses were sexier than ever, with transparent details and open backs. But women took back seat as their fashion dog companions took over the show.

“The dogs are a lot easier than human models,” explains Rubio. “They don’t have opinions and they don’t compete with each other. They’re all about having a good time.”

Rubio is a pioneer in dog couture and was the first designer to put dogs on the catwalk at New York fashion week, with tailored dog tuxedos and dog ballgowns that can cost up to $10,000 each.

Rubio who worked as a high-teacher for 33 years, studied womenswear and then fell into the canine fashion world by chance.

“Eighteen years ago, I adopted a dog that had been really beaten and abused,” says Rubio. “He used to shake and tremble. One day I decided to make him a jacket and it really calmed him down. Then we dressed him up as Elvis for Halloween and, before you know it, we were winning competitions all over New York. The rest is history.”

Today, we see more and more pups on the runway and dog dog clothing industry has blossomed into a billion dollar industry. Brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Hugo Boss and Louboutin have already added luxury lines for our four-legged friends. And that’s just the beginning!