Fresh Patch X DOGUE Photoshoot in Beverly Hills

Happy March Everypawdy! 

We are exited for the lucky month, the beginning of Spring, and the blooming season. Although in many parts of the world, there’s still snow (including California!) we are ready for Spring. 

Our first photoshoot of the season was with Fresh Patch; a company that makes fresh grass accessible to every pup, no matter where they live. And, apparently posh pups take their fresh grass with them, because they don’t use public toilets.

We had an amazing opportunity to shoot with Bronte, a glam Poodle and dog fashion model from Beverly Hills. Bronte brought his A game to the shoot, making the shoot effortless. Plus, the grass looked greener, and more stylish than we’ve ever seen it before. 

We will be featuring the full Fresh Patch shoot in the Spring issue of DOGUE (issue #16) with Bronte on the cover, and with photos of Mimi, the Pomeranian, and Rylee the Shihtzu. 

Here’s a little Teaser of the Shoot.