The Latest Issue of DOGUE

The latest issue of DOGUE entitled “La Vie En Rose” stars Mia @empress_mia_thepeke, Moshiqa, Paris Hilton, Mary Haber Pets photography, Color For Breakfast Photography, and more!

Issue 15 takes you to Paris with Mary Haber’s latest set designs that we’ve entitled: “Mornings in Paris”. She brings all the essentials: fresh roasts, fresh toasts and most importantly- our pups!

In this issue, we give you a glimpse inside our latest dog couture collection by Moshiqa & Paris Hilton, and we highlight an up and coming fashion model: a Pekineese Cover Girl from Miami, by the name of Mia. We take a look inside Mia’s glamorous life, managed by a stay-at-home dog mom, and show you what La Vie En Rose looks like to us.

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